Features Table

Unfortunately not all the data is available on all the platforms, due to the technology used, for example neither the playbook and Desktop computer have mobile support, so it’s impossible to retrieve this data. Following you can find a table of all the supported features for the platforms.

The lack of some of this data anyway will not influence the usability of the Bango Analytics. All event are recorded normally.


Android Permissions

Name Reason  
android.permission.INTERNET Transmit data to specified url Required
android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE Allow detection of connection type Required
Allow detailed location data Optional


Blackberry Requirements

The following line must be added to the bar-descriptor.xml file of the App, in the <qnx> tag. Missing this line will cause the blackberry native extension to not work. If the bar-descriptor.xml file is missing from the project copy the one in the test application.

   <action system="true">run_air_native</action>

To run the Blackberry application you will need also the signing keys provided for free from Blackberry. You can get them here.

iOS Requirements

To run the iOS application you will have to provide a valid developer certificate. More infos here.

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